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BIG MUSIC COLLECTIVE deliver music wellbeing resources, courses, live shows

and events for children and young people aged EYFS, KS1 & KS2.


Hello, it's lovely to meet you! We are based in Exeter, South West, UK and deliver music sessions locally and beyond plus online nationally and internationally. All of what we do centres around the emotional wellbeing and development of the child using music and creativity as the vehicle. 


As musicians, parents, teachers, educators and human beings with lived experiences of the stresses of life and trauma in many areas, we work together to create a unique resource to be used with children.

So whether you're an interested parent, teacher, educator, social worker, therapist, community worker (the list goes on...) then we'd love to chat to see how we can help!

Laura x

About Us
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About Us

BIG MUSIC COLLECTIVE was founded and is run

by Laura Loft who works alongside a small team of freelance musicians, educators and psychologists.

Laura works as the creator, educator and performer developing the music wellbeing resources and project managing to creation.

The idea started many years ago and has grown organically since the creation of her debut book

'Big Emotions: Mindful Music For Little People'. 

Since then it has grown into a delivery of music wellbeing 

resources, courses, live shows and events for EYFS, KS1 & KS2.

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Founder of

Big Music Collective

Music Creator, Educator,

Performer, Producer

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Jay Scott-Hamilton

Big Music Collective Performer

Musician, Educator, Performer

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Louise Hayward

Big Music Collective Tour Support

Musician & Teacher

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Catherine Platt



Psychologist, Teacher, Lecturer 

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Join In


Click here for more information on the Big Music Wellbeing Resources.


Click here for more information on the Big Music Courses & Memberships.


Click here for more information on the Big Music Live Shows.


Click here for more information on the Big Music Community Events.

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I'd love to chat!


Get in touch with bespoke projects, workshops, shows, sales and support!

We want to hear from...


  • Community Groups

  • Charities

  • Collaborators

  • Mental Health Ambassadors


  • EYFS Settings

  • Schools

  • Music Hubs
  • Educational Music Platforms

Creative Commissions

  • Stockists & Wholesale enquiries for Books

  • Publishers

  • Licensing

  • Children's Song Commissions


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Find out more about becoming a member of Big Music Collective.


As a member you will have access to Big Emotions  (EYFS/KS1) & Big Dreams (KS1/KS2) Educational Resource. 

Accompanied with videos, music, lesson plans, scheme of works, activity sheet and more plus CPD support.



Already a Member? 

Click below to enter the Membership Hubs for Big Emotions & Big Dreams.

You will need your membership passwords. 


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Big Emotions Hub


Big Dreams Hub


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