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Music Making with Paddleboat Theatre

Last year I was invited by Paddleboat Theatre to deliver a music making workshop and CPD with Mill Water School based upon

The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. It  was such a heart filling experience working with absolutely lovely people for lovely people!

We used a variety of instruments and created a fun improvised sea soundscape.


I am currently working again with Paddleboat Theatre but this time on a 10 week project at Exmouth Deaf Academy and it's only a few weeks in but I can say I am absolutely loving this project already. 


It's called Splash and we are exploring making sounds and stories based around water, the ocean and Paddleboat Theatre's book and show Little Man's Holiday.  


Community Arts Development Worker

I have been freelancing with Youth Arts Health Trust on developing community engagement and we were lucky to be successful with funding from ACED for 3 month pilot based in East Devon for Young People in years 6, 7, 8. A working title of Breathing watch this space! 

If you don't know about them already, Youth Arts Health Trust are a fantastic registered charity based in Exeter, Devon who specialise in providing arts therapies for children and young people.

Breathing Space - lunchtime feedbacks.png

Arts Award Pilot: St Margarets Church Topsham

St Margaret's Church, Topsham is now a registered Arts Award Centre for children and young people to gain their Arts Awards. But what are Arts Awards?  Arts Awards are national qualifications to support young people aged 25 and under to develop as artists and arts leaders. Starting at Discover, then Explore and progressing to Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. 


And the list of art forms to explore is endless from music making, craft, painting, drawing, dancing, theatre, movement, cake decorating, poetry, pottery, drumming, songwriting, learning the ukulele and so much more! 


I was invited to deliver a pilot of 6 weeks music making Arts Award Discover based upon my book Big Emotions: Mindful Music For Little People. We had many positive outcomes and have drawn upon this to move forwards in our sustainable arts award offering for the future. 


Scratchworks Theatre: Women of Wonder

I've been working as a Music Collaborator with Scratchworks Theatre on their Women of Wonder Project. And what a wonderful project it is. We've workshopped around Women in Greek Mythology: Circe, Persephone and Pandora The final showing is at Barnfield Theatre, Friday 22nd March. Looking forward to sharing the songs with this wonderful group. 

Image by Alex Rose

Uncertain Tides with Paddleboat Theatre

It's been great to be invited back to work at the Deaf Academy in Exmouth with Paddleboat Theatre. I am delivering some music making sessions linked to their heritage project called Uncertain Tides which explores the coast and young people's relationship with it. 

So far we've had rhythm workshops, songwriting workshops and local sculptor Brendan Rawlings led a super cool workshop where the YP created collage images. 

We then used these images to create songs including a rather marvellous group song called 'The Fish & teh Shopping Trolley'.

Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the term unfolds!

Uncertain Tides Paddleboat .png
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