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Laura Loft
Music Creator, Educator, Lyricist, Author, Performer

 Laura Loft is a South West based Music Creator, Educator, Lyricist, Author and Performer.

A storyteller, a ukulele player and a rhyming, singing and composing dweller, she set up BIG MUSIC COLLECTIVE writing musical stories including her self-published book Big Emotions: Mindful Music For Little People and new resource Big Dreams: Imaginative Songs. She delivers music and wellbeing sessions, workshops and live performances based upon these books in the South West and beyond. 

Live shows include:

Big Emotions Live, Big Emotions Interactive Readings & Big Silly Gigs.

She writes as a freelance lyricist with Moonbug Entertainment and has worked on shows creating nearly 50 songs for Cocomelon, Blippi and Little Baby Bum plus song arrangements for LUNAR X Gigglebellies.


Children's Lyricist & Author Portfolio

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Moonbug Entertainment

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Big Emotions


Big Dreams

Music Educator & Creator Portfolio


Music Educator

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Music Creator


Arts, Education, CPD

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