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The Big Dreams storybook focuses on learning about growth mindset and recognising that we can change our outlooks and develop our toolkits to challenge fixed mindset.


Sometimes we can get stuck in a negative thinking pattern, like Little Girl Livvy does in the story, often before bedtime as her mind races. We all move through our emotional states triangle every day from *Do, Threat and Soothe. This book is based on helping children to find ways to get their thoughts, feelings and worries out, challenge their own thoughts and find their way back to their ‘Soothe’ state using creativity, imagination and growth mindset tools. *These are the adult terms for your guide and in the resource we do not refer to to 'threat' mode at all.


The book follows the format of a story book linking to music & wellbeing.

Part 1 - What's on your mind? introduces the idea that we can all have busy racing thoughts sometimes. 

Part 2 - I'm Stuck shows Livvy in a fixed mindset.

Part 3 - Turn Your Thoughts Upside Down shows Livvy getting help to learn about growth mindset.

Part 4 - The Masterpiece shows Livvy embracing growth mindset and finding her way back to soothe.


There are four original songs; Buzzy Brain, Hendrix the Rollerskating Disco Cat, The Moon Song and Sleep Now Lullaby plus a composed soundtrack for the audio book. 

Big Dreams: Imaginative Songs Audio Book & Songs

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